Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sydney, Australia

Though at a later time, I will go into much greater detail on the history, development and ultimate demise of this, the most Southern of the Josephine Tussaud's chain of attractions, for now, enjoy the complete guidebook from this short-lived Aussie Wax Museum.

This guidebook for the 'Kings Cross Wax Works' is from the private collection of Timothy Randall and is apart of the ever growing 'WAXIPEDIA ARCHIVES'.
Dedicated to preserving the history of Wax Arts, and the unique stories of all those involved in it's development, WAXIPEDIA strives to become the ultimate source of information on the subject of wax museums.  Anyone interested in donating items for preservation are invited to contact me at Donated items will be cataloged, digitally scanned, photographed, and restored.  All donated items will be credited to their specific donors and will be preserved and made available to future generations of artists, designers, historians and fans.


  1. could you possibly tell me what year this is from? my mum and dad recently found a copy of this guide and are wondering what years was it published and is it worth anything today?

  2. I know for sure the Wax Works in Kings Cross was still operating between 1974 and 1980.