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For centuries a visit to Madame Tussaud's famed waxwork Exhibition meant an opportunity to experience the grandeur of Kings, Queens, Heroes, Statesmen and the Famous. It also allowed a chance to decent into the darkest world of the infamous in the CHAMBER OF HORRORS. Here, since it's first incarnation documented in 1802, could be found instruments of torture, rogues and murders who caught the headlines of their days and haunted our dreams. Founder Madame Marie Tussaud, very early in her life and career, was tasked with the grisly obligation of making death masks of decapitated aristocracy during the French Revolution. After the Guillotines stopped falling Marie, in an attempt to increase public traffic through her waxworks exhibition, opened the "Separate Room" - for an added price.

Sadly, the CHAMBER OF HORRORS was removed and replaced in April 2016 with an interactive game based off of Sherlock Holmes. Luckily, we have this postcard set, once available in the London Wax Exhibitions Gift Shop, here to share and remember part of it by. 

(click the pictures for full-sized High Definition images)

(An alley in Victorian London where the infamous Jack the Ripper has struck again)

(The Bell from Newgate Goal Prison)

(Real Historic Instruments of Torture)

(Dr. Crippen and Ethel Le Neve, an American Doctor and his English Mistress who both were convicted of the murder and mutilation of his wife and noted as the first suspects to be captured with the aid of wireless telegraphy)

(Bruno Hauptman - convicted killer of Charles Lindbergh's baby, as he prepares for his execution by electric chair)

(George Joseph Smith, the "Brides in the Bath" murderer)

(The Garrote)

(The heads of French Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI - with the blade that ended them)

(The Guillotine: Preferred instrument of justice during the French Revolution)

(Few during the French Revolution were more feared than that of Robespierre until he, much like the thousands he sent before him, too felt the slice of the Guillotine's blade. 

Enjoy this trip through time and terror? Even though the CHAMBER OF HORRORS might be gone why not visit the current MADAME TUSSAUDS LONDON? Just tell them WAXIPEDIA sent you!

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  1. I love this so hard. I am such a fan of this kind of thing. Thank you for preserving them and more, for sharing them