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~ Phoenix, Arizona ~

       In the mid-1970's the American Heritage Wax Museum, that was located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, closed it's doors. The tourism market of "The West's Most Western 
Townhad changed and the small historical museum had lost a bit of its luster. 

  But fans of the Josephine Tussaud/GEMS wax figures need not worry for long, because the museum's contents would move to nearby Phoenix and the wax collection would be dramatically expanded. These pictures are from this second incarnation and feature the fantasy, horror and Hollywood elements that space prevented from being displayed at the American Heritage Wax Museum.
 The Royal London Wax Museum was an admirable attempt, but was sadly short lived. Located at the entrance of the Legend City Theme Park, the museum's potential success was tied into the viability of this major attraction. When Legend City eventually faltered so to did the wax venture. 

Dedicated to preserving the history of Wax Arts, and the unique stories of all those involved in its development, WAXIPEDIA strives to become the ultimate source of information on the subject of wax museums.  Anyone interested in donating items for preservation are invited to contact me at Donated items will be cataloged, digitally scanned, photographed, and restored.  All donated items will be credited to their specific donors and will be preserved and made available to future generations of artists, designers, historians and fans.

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