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Who doesn't love a little 1980's nostalgia (with the exception of Bill Cosby, of course) compliments of this awesome brochure from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin's WAX WORLD OF THE STARS?

This museum had its original incarnation as the ROYAL WAX MUSEUM along the cities famous Broadway tourist corridor. Eventually that museum, and it's collection, were taken over by Norm Rollingston - ironically the designer of the museum (and many others in the "ROYAL" chain of Wax Museums that used "Josephine Tussaud" Wax Figures. 

In 1986, Norman decided to modernize the museum and switched the concept focusing more on the likes of movie stars and celebrities. Gone were England's King Henry VIII and President Jimmy Carter and in were Dolly Parton, The Three Stooges and Darth Vader!


But eventually the early 2000's happened and it was decided to replace the vulnerable wax museum with a highly themed interactive 'Wizard & Fantasy' based attraction called WIZARD QUEST.

Ironically, though. What was Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin's loss was Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada's gain! A majority of the collection was leased (and laster sold) to the owner of the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium franchise in the stunning Atlantic provence town of Cavendish - known from "Anne of Green Gables" fame. 

(this Photograph is taken from the Mariner's Cove Boardwalk's Facebook Page)

So, in a way, the "cast" of WAX WORLD OF THE STARS was "RECAST" in a revival of WAX WORLD OF THE STARS!!

Here for your enjoyment is shared a vintage brochure from WAX WORLD OF THE STARS, from the personal collection of Timothy Randall.

(click the pictures for full-sized High Definition images)

Enjoy this trip through time? Why not visit some of your old friends at the current incarnation of WAX WORLD OF THE STARS located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada? Just tell them WAXIPEDIA sent you!

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