Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome one and all to WAXIPEDIA: The International Society of Wax Enthusiasts. My name is Timothy and I have had the wonderful and unique privilege of not only loving wax museums but growing up in one! Over the years (I'm currently 29, as I write this) I have amassed quite a collection of pictures, guide books, old manuscripts, stories and legends from many of the worlds great museums and had the honor of getting to know many of the artists, owners and designers who have created them. It is my goal, through this blog and it's sister facebook group ( to develop a forum for those who love this art form and a resource for those who are interested in it's history and future. I always welcome input and suggestions and invite people to share both their photos and their memories.
    Thank you and once again, Welcome!

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  1. In your header you refer to "paraffin people," but it's my understanding that most wax figures, historically and now, are made from a mixture of beeswax and Japan wax. Perhaps you have a post about this I haven't gotten to -- your font makes me feel a little drunk so I can only nose around in sips! I'm loving the photos, though.