Potter's Wax Museum Mold List - May 1992

Among the thousands of items I have within my wax museum archives, this has got to be one of the
most interesting. It is a list of available molds for the figures displayed at Potter's Wax Museum. George L. Potter's International Hall of Fame opened on the ground floor of the Plaza Hotel at 1 King Street in beautiful, historic St. Augustine, Florida and featured (literally) hundreds of wax figures created by Gems Wax Models of London. At it's peak, this small city attraction was the second largest wax museum in the world (only beaten by Madame Tussaud's of London).
   Now how or when the molds made their way to the United States, I have no idea, and where they are today is even a bigger unsolved mystery, but I am an optimist who hopes that one day they will fall (unscathed) into the right hands and will be put to good use! But, until that time, enjoy this list and imagine all the hard work that went into producing these molds (and pray they are safe and sound......somewhere).

( The Potter's Wax Museum mold list sheets are but one of many items from the private collection of Timothy Randall and are only a small part of the ever growing 'WAXIPEDIA ARCHIVES'.
Dedicated to preserving the history of Wax Arts, and the unique stories of all those involved in it's development, WAXIPEDIA strives to become the ultimate source of information on the subject of wax museums.  Anyone interested in donating items for preservation are invited to contact me at timothywrandall@gmail.com. Donated items will be cataloged, digitally scanned, photographed, and restored.  Any items donated will also be credited as part of the specific donors collection {ie. STUBERGH COLLECTION, T. W. RANDALL COLLECTION, etc} and will be preserved and made available to future generations of artists, designers, historians and fans).


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