Friday, February 27, 2015

"Live Long and Prosper"
to Leonard Nimoy 

Today the world lost an icon of science-fiction with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. He created an original character that will forever be ingrained within the consciousness of all the world's civilized people. So, due in no small part to the reality of the saying "art imitates life" many of the world's great wax museums have had displays dedicated to Mr. Nimoy's creation. 

In Memorium of his life and to the character he helped created, WAXIPEDIA humbly shares these photographs, postcards and brochures to show our appreciation.
Thank You, Mr. Nimoy.

William Shatner and Leornard Nimoy with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, California

Mr. Spock
Sculpted by Henry Alvarez

Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry and the cast at the displays premiere. 
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, Califonia

Leonard with co-star Nichelle Nichols
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, Califonia

The original concept art design for the STAR TREK set.
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, Califonia

The original set of the bridge for the Starship Enterprise
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, Califonia

The Bridge of the Starship Enterprise - after the addition of the entire cast in the early 1980's
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, Califonia

The Bridge of the Enterprise with her crew just prior to the museums closing in 2005
Movieland Wax Museum - Buena Park, Califonia

The Crew of the Enterprise
Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum - Orlando, Florida

The original Movieland crew lives on via a group of dedicated fans!

The figure of Mr. Spock that was originally at Orlando's Stars Hall of Fame after his moving to Texas
Plaza Theater of Wax - San Antonio, Texas

These figures were originally created for the Hollywood Wax Museum
Historic Auto Attractions - Roscoe, Illinois

Opened originally as the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic, By Ripley's International, the museum was re-branded in the late 1970's and Leonard Nimoy was brought on to star in the museum's lobby video.

The World of the Unexplained museum also contained a wax figure of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock. Here that same figure is shown, in storage, sometime during the late 1980's.

These pictures, postcards and brochures are from the private collection of Timothy Randall and are apart of the ever growing 'WAXIPEDIA ARCHIVES'.
Dedicated to preserving the history of Wax Arts, and the unique stories of all those involved in it's development, WAXIPEDIA strives to become the ultimate source of information on the subject of wax museums.  Anyone interested in donating items for preservation are invited to contact me at Donated items will be cataloged, digitally scanned, photographed, and restored.  All donated items will be credited to their specific donors and will be preserved and made available to future generations of artists, designers, historians and fans.

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